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Are Dogs Really Man’s Best Friend

We all know that dogs are called man’s best friend but do we know the reason why? And like a friend contributes to your well-being, so a dog has contributed a lot of things for the welfare of his human masters and to other animals as well, in very important ways. And this has been the case since dogs have been around for as long as they have been. Dogs sustain a relationship with their owners in a very unique way which other animals are not able to have. The way dogs interact with humans is something unique and cannot be seen in other animals. And this is how our canine companions came to be.

Dogs have been known to play important roles in many events in human lives. Dogs can be your companion for life and can be well treated as a member of your family. However, there are other amazing things that dogs can do that we don’t do as humans. Thus, there is an extraordinary experience having a dog by our side.

Dogs have played important roles when it comes to law enforcement. Dogs are very useful in detecting bombs. Drugs, ad many other important tasks to help law enforcers in their jobs. Dogs have been trained to do human rescue work. The help of our canine companions is very important during times of calamity when there is a need to rescue humans in the wilderness, water, snow, or during an earthquake. We have seen the importance of the work of a dog during rescue. Dogs ask very little in return when they do the amazing tasks they are asked to do.

Many disabled humans rely on dogs for their everyday tasks and needs. If a dog is well-trained, they can help a disabled human being in their difficulty. Dogs have helped many people who are blind and have become the blind man’s seeing eye, protecting them from possible danger as they walk along the streets. Dogs help in many other disabilities where personal aid is in need. Here again, dogs as little in return like a good family member.

Dogs are very willing to become a member of a family and this is the most unique part of our relationship with dogs. They treat the family as they would treat their pack. This relationship of humans with dogs is something that have existed since man and dog first came together.

With the way they behave towards their human masters, dogs can indeed be called man’s best friend. Perhaps the canine thinks of us as their best friend too.

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