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A Buyers Guide into Choosing the Right Natural Moisturizer as Per Your Skin Type

You can bet the secret to healthy looking skin that has the much-needed glow is fund in the type of moisturizer that one uses. Note that a good looking skin does not just happen, in addition to buying the right skin care products you will also need to formulate and stick to a skincare routine. If the current statistics are anything to go by, the best moisturizer today is a natural one that comes with all natural ingredients. Stay away from any skin care products that are too heavy with chemicals thus causing all manner of problems onto your beautiful skin. Always stick to natural moisturizers that are specially formulated to deliver hydrated and healthy-looking, nourished skin. Don’t we all love that; But how do you choose the right natural moisturizer?

How about you start by doing a skin test to determine whether or not you are dry, oily, normal, or combination skin type? Further, be advised there are special formulations of natural moisturizers geared towards extremely dry and sensitive skin as well as skin for dark and light people. If not for anything else, to ensure you are reaping max benefits on a product that is most suited for your type of skin. One thing that must be emphasized on is the fact that picking a moisturizer is a must regardless of your skin type.

That said, assuming you have dry and itchy skin, the best moisturizer would be one with a thick consistency to help hydrate and lock in moisture. On the other hand, we have dry skin that goes hand in hand with a natural moisturizer in the form of cream since creams are thinner. Oily skin people will find lotions and moisturizers that are as light as water the perfect match for your moisturizing needs. Also worth taking note of when looking for the right moisturizer is to choose one based on when you plan on using it. To this effect, lighter natural moisturizers will work perfectly at night while the heavy ones will be ideal for the night.

Of course, you might want to complement your natural moisturizer with the best cleanser and toner for best results. It needs no mentioning your cleanser and toner must also be bought based on your skin type. You must also have a skin care routine that you follow religiously if you are to get the desired results. The beauty of taking an all-natural approach with your skin care products is because the results are more or less guaranteed. The best of these products contain no sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalate, TEA & DEA so be sure always to check the labels before purchase.

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